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This group is dedicated to the "real world" fat shredding program called "Cutting". Cut routines are derived from body building, and focus on high rep, low rest weight training combined with a low fat/low carb-lean protein diet plans and moderate to high intensity aerobic activity. There are probably thousands of cut routines, but only one has an upcoming book being published about it, as well as an extensive website coming in spring of 2010. This group is dedicated to it, and all the other cut routines out there...lets get ripped!

History of Cut Routines

Posted By headedwest on Dec 5, 2009 at 1:05AM

Bodybuilding dates back to the beginning of time, even the cave men wanted to look bigger, more intimidating…more cut…(every picture I’ve ever seen of cavemen they look jacked up!). Bodybuilding first gained notoriety in India in the 11th century and finally came onto the North American scene during the late 1800’s. Equipment and training techniques have always been at the forefront. With contests, came "cutting"; Enter The Cut Routine(tm). Like all cut routines, this one too is based on basic weight room exercises, and initially comes from body builders wanting to get ripped before a contest. This particular cut routine has a basic formula that truly works, and since 1994 we have been testing it, and improving on it. Weather you are a stay at home mom, or a high school athlete, colligate athlete or pro, this post is of interest to you. If you are involved with yoga, endurance sports, boot camps or just like to dance, this it's for you. If you do or don’t have a gym membership….this is yours, claim it. Over the next several weeks and months I'll be informing you through this blog about important dates concerning the release of The Cut Routine(tm), and also giving you every detail possible about this proven fitness phenomenon.








In General

Posted By headedwest on Dec 3, 2009 at 8:35PM

Whats Below is Important:


Warning: This routine is very advanced, and anybody undertaking this type of exercise should consult a physician to make sure they are cleared to undergo a strenuous regime. Expect to feel lactic acid burns that will make you want to run for the door, extreme fatigue during the exercises, and most clients are VERY sore throughout the entire first two weeks of undertaking this program. The beauty of this Cut Routine is that it’s up to each and every individual client of how much each weight load consists of, thus making this routine perfect for younger, older, and even post rehab persons…as your body responds to the changing level of fitness, you can then push yourself to greater extremes

Meet Clay Aching - Online Personal Trainer

Posted By headedwest on Dec 3, 2009 at 8:03PM

Clay Aching is the online personal trainer who know's everything you need to know about The Cut Routine(tm). For him it's easy to get shredded, all we need to do is take off a little clay, and he's ripped. For everybody else, just stay tuned so you will be the first on your block to "Make The Cut"!

Coming Spring 2010

The Cut Routine(tm)

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